Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hi everyone,

Here it is.... Wednesday again, although this week we're just 1 day closer to the weekend than normal (for those who have got a 4 day weekend to look forward to) which I am one of those lucky people so BIG SMILES!!

This week I have to admit I have had to tidy my desk a little before taking my pic for the crafty world to see as to be honest if I hadn't there wouldn't have been much for you to see at all, other than just a heap of craftyness mess! So now I have tidied up a little you will see........ a Cuttlebug, that I wasn't going to get (as hammering away with a rolling pin and my sizzix hammer did a good enough job??!!! kind of - all be it slow and unpredictable oh and very noisy!) I have in the end crumbled and got one, I've only had it a week and wonder how I lived without it :o) keen eyes may notice it's not a V2, however I got a great deal over at Dottie 4 Crafts and with free next day delivery they provide a great service.

Also on my desk are 2 Easter Cards which I have just finished and will hopefully get chance to post pictures and info today or tomorrow. There's also the two cards you may recall I had started last week for my friend to pick from for her Fiance' birthday, they're a bit further on this week, I'm just waiting to see which one she likes the look of before finishing one off for her and whichever she doesn't choose I will finish for a general male birthday card. Quite pleased with how they're looking so far so once they're complete I will post some piccies.

Think that's about it for my rather cluttered WOYWW, hopefully next week after a nice long weekend I will have found a permanent home for my Cuttlebug as he can't live on my little desk forever and I may well have finished those male cards!

If your reading this it's likely you have come over from Julia's but if you have just happened to come across my blog and wonder why on earth I'm showing you my desk then take a look at WOYWW on Julia's blog and see what it's all about!


Dawn said...

Tidy desk with lovely work. I am sure the noth cards will be a difficult choice for you friend to make.

Love Dawn xx

Karen said...

Enjoy using your new CB :) Lovely cards and a lovely creative desk.
Have a lovely WOYWW,
Karen #41

okienurse said...

I think your desk looks very neat compared to mine! I have a big shot but have considered a CB for traveling cause they are so compact! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

Andria said...

Happy WOYWW, some gorgeous creations on your desk this week.
Andria #32

Sunshine Girl said...

Very tidy desk there! enjoy your cuttlebug - I have a big shot and use it all the time.

Aud said...

Your desk isnt that bad ive seen a lot worse, lots of lovely creations on your desk and love your finished card further up on your blog that wee girl is just lovely she looks so real Im sure the recipitent will be delighted. Thanks for peep on WOYWW

Tertia said...

Your desk looks tidy to me, but then I am comparing it to mine and that means most desks are tidy! LOL
Nice cards.
Happy very belated WOYWW