Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WOYWW - What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?? Ooops a Mess!!!

Oh dear, well this week you are here to see a mess I'm afraid! I've been doing a bit of crafting downstairs so this is literally how it all got carried back up, I've just had no time to tidy :o(

There is a set of Cuttlebug alphabet dies which I bought the other day, only had chance to try one die out of those but they seem ideal for what I need, there are a few bags of charms which finally turned up from Hong Kong courtesy of ebay, they didn't actually take all that long (about 2 weeks) but it just feels like an age once you want something! I'm currently working on a card for an Everton Fan, been finding this one very tough going, I always struggle with male cards and then to have to stick to such a bold colour scheme, I'm finding it tough going, I think it will be one of those cards I'm never really happy with, hopefully the person I am making it for will like it!! I'm just a little worried it's for an adult and I feel because of the bold colours it just looks a little child like??!! hmmm we'll see how it turns out.

Anyway, for far more interesting desks than mine pop over to Julia's. Bye for now.


Wipso said...

Clutter is perfectly acceptable when you've been so busy :-)
A x

Minxy said...

your desk isn't messy.. its productive lol
Happy wednesday
hugs Minxy x

Spyder said...

One of my last cards was for a 60 year old man who loves foot ball, soI downloaded some footy things, but also did a fun card, and in the end it was the fun card that they liked best! It's looks great to me, and I never thought of what colours to do it in! No, not messy at all!! Have a great Crafting week ! HaPpY WoYwW

Julia Dunnit said...

Yep - that's the secret - don't worry about liking the card yourself...for sure! Your desk look interesting to me, and so not cluttered! I have that same alphabet set,please show and tell your usage!

Anne said...

Hello April I love the look of your desk- very interesting I often think mine looks boring- then I don't think I am all that creative really. I never like what I produce always thinking that someone else would have made a better job. Have wondered about getting the cuttlbug alaphabet look forward to seeing your results with it. Happy WOYWW. Anne x

Cathy said...

That's not a messy desk, very creative!
Happy WOYWW (late!)
Cathy xx

okienurse said...

Nice looking desk. Lots of fun things to see. Looks like you have been very busy here lately. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Anonymous said...

Always difficult making blokey cards that's for sure... which reminds me, it's my brothers birthday in early August, better get a wiggle on! Lots going on on the desk though, not at all boring.